Lenie Stroh, Certified ISR Instructor
Houston, TX- Clear Lake Area


About Lessons:

Every lesson for every child is individualized – one on one with the instructor. I teach children ages 6 months to about 6 years. Students attend short private lessons five days a week. This helps provide a very safe lesson and is key to the retention of skills. Students can start any time (typically on a Monday) and the parent or caretaker watches poolside.

Students who are crawling (generally 6-8 months) through about 11 months will learn survival floating. He or she will be taught to rotate from a face-down position in the water to a back float. The baby will be taught to rest and breathe on his or her back until help arrives. You can expect that the typical infant will attend 5 lessons per week for an average of 4-5 weeks to attain these skills.

A child who is walking or very close to walking (usually anytime after 11 months to about 6 years) will learn a swim-float-swim sequence. He or she will be taught to swim face down using arms and legs (similar to a freestyle stroke); roll on his or her back to float, rest and breathe when he or she needs air; and then flip over onto his or her stomach to continue swimming until he or she reaches the wall or stairs. This swim-float-swim sequence can be repeated as many times as is necessary to reach safety. This skill set can be achieved with 5 lessons per week in about 6 weeks.

After accomplishing these skills in a bathing suit, children will then practice their skills in summer clothing and then progress onto winter clothing. This additional work is critical to survival swimming because most children who find themselves in the water alone are fully clothed.

If you or your babysitter, neighbor or grandparents have a backyard pool, lake, pond, canal or other water hazard consider these skills completely necessary for your child’s safety.


Scheduling your lessons: 

To register with ISR, every student will complete a detailed registration form that includes medical history. Certain medical conditions will require a conversation with me prior to the first lesson and may require a release from your doctor. There is an initial registration fee of $105 that is made payable to ISR Inc. Thereafter the registration fee is $35 each year.

During lessons, students are closely monitored for temperature fatigue, physical fatigue and general well-being. To provide a safe lesson, you will complete a daily log of your child's bowel, urine, diet and sleep habits (BUDS). Students will not be allowed to swim without a full and proper BUDS sheet and appropriate registration and any necessary clearances.

The weekly tuition charge is $90 per week per child paid directly to your instructor. If you wish to sign up for ISR lessons please contact Lenie directly at (832) 671 8190 or via the contact me link on this webpage. You can also select a lesson time with Lenie here.

To schedule a lesson time with Anneliza, click here.

Lenie Stroh

(832) 671 8190